About IT Cell

IT Cell of the college was established on 1st October 2021. It is responsible for all IT activities of the college.

Vision of IT Cell

Provide best information technology in teaching-learning process and administration and integrate all IT activities of the college

Functions of IT Cell

Functions of IT Cell extends in 3 key areas

  1. Governance: Implementation of operational parameters and governance of master data
  2. IT infrastructure: Maintenance of hardware components, networking, circuitry and all other equipment necessary to an IT system function according to the needs of the college.
  3. Functionality: Developing, securing and storing all electronic data that belongs to the college.

Members of IT Cell

  1. Principal- Chairman
  2. Dr. Sunil C Vattappalam- Coordinator
  3. Bursar
  4. Dr. Tinu Antony- Secretary
  5. Sri. Shimmy Jose
  6. Sri Vishnu Dev
  7. Sri. Renjith R T
  8. Sri. Abhilash J