Harvest- Reap the Sand

Harvest of vegetable cultivation in the college was inaugurated on 6 February 2023 at 12.45 pm by Principal of the college, Dr. (Fr.) V Y Dasappan SJ. St. Xavier's college in collaboration with Naadan Agro (P) limited cultivated 20 types of vegetables in 5 acres of land inside the campus. Many students are benefited from paid internship in vegetable farm after class hours. Sri. Sujith, the proprietor of Naadan agro limited and all the internees in the farm were honored during the gathering.

The formal function,an initiative of IQAC, held under the canopy of colossal trees in front of the farm was addressed by Dr. Harish S R, Sri. Rajesh M, Dr. (Fr.) Shibu Joseph, Smt. Divya (PTA President), Dr. Sunil C Vattappalam, and Sri. Sheen Jose. All the students and teachers of the college participated in the function.

5 acres of vegetable cultivation inside the campus and paid internship to students has become a unique feature of St. Xavier's College, Thumba and was reported in many leading news channels. Link to the report of Mathrubhoomi TV follows: https://youtu.be/ramFP40PQ64