Scholarships and Awards


I. Government Scholarships
  1. Post-Matric scholarship
  2. Higher Education Scholarship
  3. Central Sector Scholarship
  4. State Merit Scholarship
  5. Hindi Scholarship
  6. Suvarna Jubilee Merit Scholarship
  7. Blind/PH Scholarship
  8. CH Muhammedkoya Scholarship
  9. Single Girl-child Scholarship for P G students
  10. University Merit Scholarship - Based on Marks in the previous examination


II. College Scholarships


 Name of the ScholarshipInterest ofInstituted byAwarded to
Nepones Mary Scholarship I INR 1 Lakh (late) Mr. N. James, Malaysia Deserving poor students of this College
Nepones Mary Scholarship II INR 1 Lakh (late) Mr. N. James, Malaysia Deserving students of this College and from this locality who are doing Postgraduate or Professional Course studies
Mrs. Elizabeth Vattakunnel Scholarship INR 25,000 The Vattakunnel Family Deserving students of this College
M. P. D'Cruz Scholarship INR 25,000 (late) Mr. M. P. D'Cruz, Kariyil, Kazhakuttom Catholic students with the highest marks in each of the First Year Degree Classes from Puthukurichy Forane
P T A Scholarships INR 75,000 The Thumba St. Xavier's College P T A Top scorers of each class in the University Examinations (details below*)

(* details)

a) Final Year Degree Examination

  • S6 Malayalam
  • B A History
  • B A Economics
  • B Sc Chemistry
  • B Com

b) Second Year Degree Examination

  • S4 Malayalam
  • Subsidiary Chemistry
  • Subsidiary Physics (Maths & Che)
  • Subsidiary Mathematics (Eco, Phy & Che)
  • S4 Biotechnology
  • B Com English
  • B A Economics

c) First Year Degree Examination

  • S2 Malayalam

d) Talent Scholarship

  • Students who excel in arts, sports and games


 Name of the ScholarshipInterest ofInstituted byAwarded to
Management Scholarships INR 23,000 St. Xavier's College Management (details below**)

 (** details)

 Name of the Management ScholarshipAwarded to
a Fr. George Aikara Top Scorer in I B A Economics
b Fr. Thomas Vattakunnel Top Scorer in Malayalam 1st B Com
c Fr. George Kuzhively 1st B A History
d Fr. Joseph Kannampuzha Subsidiary Politics
e Bro. P J Mathew N T S Child in 1st DC
f Fr. Kuncheria Ettuparayil Three deserving students
g Mr. Hormese Two deserving students


7. Scholarships instituted by individuals and agencies


 Name of the ScholarshipCapital FundInstituted byAwarded to
a Prof. Edwin Leslie Memorial INR 1,000 Staff Club Top Scorer S2 Botany & B T
b Mr. P M Babukhan Memorial INR 2,000 Mr. P M A Hameed A deserving Muslim student of 1st DC
c Master Ramaprasad Memorial INR 10,000 Mr. P Sreehari Sastry Two deserving students of III B Sc Phy/Che
d Miss Rekha L. Memorial INR 2,000 Mr. K GopinathanNair Top Scorer in II B Com
e Mr. Kesavan Memorial INR 5,000 Dr. R Parvathy Top Scorer girl student in II B A Eng
f Mr. Christudas Memorial INR 1,000 Mrs.Cherukusumam Das Top Scorer N T S Child of II D C
g Mr. P M Varghese Memorial INR 1,000 Mrs. Rose Varghese Top Scorer in Hindi 1st B Com
h Mr. Fredy D'Silva INR 2,500 Mr. Fredy D'Silva Top Scorer in 2nd DC History
i Smt. Accamma Eapen INR 4,300 Smt. Accamma Eapen Retired H O D Top Scorer in 2nd DC Chemistry Main
j Smt. Mary Nirmala INR 4,300 Smt. Mary Nirmala Top Scorer in 2nd DC English
k Fr. K T Augustine S J INR 6,100 Fr. K T Augustine Top Scorer in Final Botany & B T
l Dr.Chandralekha Memorial INR 6,100 Dr. Chandralekha Top Scorer in 2nd D C Hindi
m Fr. V C George S.J INR 3,700 Fr. V C George Top Scorer in Logic
n Fr. Nampiaparambil INR 3,000 PTA Top Scorer III Phy
o Prof P L Josey INR 2,000 PTA Top Scorer Latin
p Prof V Madhusoodanan Nair INR 4,000 Prof. Madhusoodanan Nair Top Scorer in IInd D C Malayalam
q Prof. John Kurian INR 5,000 Prof. John Kurian A deserving student in 3rd DC Chemistry for educational Tour
r Mrs. & Mr. Ponnamma Punnoose & Lowise Pannu Memorial INR 5,000 Mr.P.Sathyan and Family Deserving Students
s Mr. Simon Gomez INR 5,000 Mr. Simon Gomez Deserving Students
t Mr. Issac V Periera INR 10,000 Mrs. Vijaya Antony & Family, Puthenthope Deserving Student
u Prof. T M George INR 5,700 Prof T M George Student Retreat
v Fr. K. P. Mathew S.J INR 4,500 Staff Club Top scorer in 3rd D.C Mathematics
w Prof. K.S.Ushayamma INR 4,500 Staff Club Best Public speaker
x Mathai Mathew & Annamma Mathew Vayalilkalappura INR 25,000 Family of Fr.Joseph Mathew Second best public Speaker, Best environmental activist, Top scorer in S6 BBT, Top scorer in S4 BBT, NTS get-together
y Fr. M. Nampiaparambil INR 8,000 Staff Best College Union member
z Prof. P.S. Elsy INR 30,000 Self Financially backward B.Sc. Physics student of St.Xavier’s doing I M.Sc.
a.a Prof. Pushpa Augustine INR 10,000 Self Life orientation & value education for Ist B.Sc. Phy.
a.b Prof. Rosily Mathew INR 10,000 Self Best Singer
a.c Prof. Harrison J. INR 25,000 Family Best football player
a.d Fr.Sunny Jose INR 50,000 Instituted by B.A History students of 299 batch Two deserving students of second year and third year B.A History



III. Staff Welfare Awards


 Name of the AwardAmountInstituted byAwarded to
a Prof. George Varghese INR 5,000 Prof George Varghese - Retired Principal Christmas Celebration of TS & NTS
b Dr. (Fr.) M M Mani S.J. INR 4,000 Staff Club Top Scorer in Professional/ degree course of the TS Child
c Dr. K V Joseph INR 5,720 Dr. K V Joseph - Retired H O D Top Scorers in 10th & 12th of the TS Children
d Mr. A Raju INR 3,000 Mr. A Raju - Retired Superindent N.T.S. Picnic
e Mr. P V Alexander INR 3,000 Mr. P V Alexander N.T.S. Picnic
f Mr. Rajendran INR 3,000 Mr. Rajendran N.T.S. Onam Celebration
g Dr. Antony Mathew INR 3,700 Staff Club T.S. Onam Celebration
h Fr. J. Inchackal S.J. INR 3,000 Management N.T.S.
i Mr. Tom Joseph INR 4,000 Mr. Tom Joseph T.S. X’Mas Celebration


IV. Endowments


 Name of the EndowmentAmountInstituted byAwarded to
a Mr. Joboy Fernandez memorial endowment INR 30,000 Mr. Joboy Fernandez Puthenthope Best Out-going Xavierite of the year and runner-up
b Rev. Fr. Vadakel Endowment INR 63,325 TS, NTS & PTA Intercollegiate Elocution
c Fr. Dominic Gomez Endowment INR 10,000 TS, NTS and PTA Interdepartmental Quiz
d Fr. George Aikara Endowment INR 25,000 Major Thomas Zacharias Top Scorer in S2 & S4 M Sc Physics
e Prof. V. Dasan Endowment INR 20,000 Old students Top scorers in 1st & 2nd B.Com